The Perfect Wavy Hair Routine


Our first routine is created with Type 2 wavy hair in mind.  Type 2 hair isn’t particularly oily or dry and although its prone to frizz I tends to reflect shine pretty well.  Type 2 hair can range from fine and relatively easy to style, through coarse and prone to frizz.

1 - Bathe:

A simple 4-step routine that starts with shampoo – Bain Hydration Douceur – to remove product build-up. 

A gentle creamy shampoo it effectively cleans the scalp and strands whilst also nourishing and hydrating.

When shampooing, as the water passes through, use your fingers to detangle the hair. Also, make sure your fingers are really separated as this will also help minimizing the knotting, as curly, coils and kinky hair is really fragile when wet.

2 - Treat:

Next comes the conditioner – Fondant Hydration Essentielle.  This replenishes the hair’s moisture without weighing down the strands.


3 - Style:

When it comes to styling you can choose between the Crème de Jour Fondamentale, a frizz-reducing leave-in product for soft and hydrated curls, or



the Gelee Contour, if you want to really enhance and define your waves without the crunch.  They can also be mixed together.

Where you can air-dry your hair to limit damage and dehydration from heat styling and to reduce frizz.  You could also diffuse your hair at medium heat, Crème de Jour Fondamentale offers optimal head protection. 

Don’t have time to leave hair to air-dry form wet?  Use a micro-fiber towel to gently squeeze your curls to remove excess water without damaging your delicate strands. 

4 - Between washes:

Shampooing curly hair too often can lead to dehydration, frizz and damage, Refresh Absolu is a second-day curl refreshing spray that imparts hydration, enhances shine and re-energises your curls.

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