How hairdressers influenced history

Hairdressers have earned their popular culture props. For centuries, stylists have experimented, invented, and created the needle that continues to move our choices and voices.

Turning to the sixties, we see a slightly different take on the role of hairdressers. As the civil rights wave swelled, and moved from former labels, women put the power in their hands to coif their own coils, as they adopted a new identity; one that embraced self-acceptance based in African roots.

When it comes to current times, the influence hairdressers have had on the rise of luxury reality TV, e-commerce, and entrepreneurial endeavors mustn’t be underestimated.

Chris McMillan’s cool cut called “The Rachel”, which changed the fame game for style-setter Jennifer Aniston, comes to mind. Oprah Winfrey’s stylist, Andre Walker launched his own line of hair care products. And the sometimes cringe yet binge-worthy programming like The Real Housewives franchise, has birthed the bounty of beauty-related products and professions.

Hairdressers might be behind the scenes, but it is clear the in-demand discipline has opened a collaborative door to the world of wardrobe stylists, photographers, and go-with/go-to glam team.

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