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Uniq One All in One Original Treatment

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Brought to you from the hair experts at Revlon, Uniq One is an uniquely innovative all-in-one hair treatment product that offers 10 real benefits in a single bottle. Loved for its performance and benefits, this leave in styling treatment is ideal for all hair types. Uniq One Classic offers a unique sensory experience with its natural and fresh fragrance.



Repairs dry and damaged hair

Adds shine and control frizz

Gives heat protection

Adds silkiness and smoothness

Protects your hair colour with UVA/UVB filters

Eases brushing and straightening

Incredible detangling

Gives a long-lasting hairstyle

Prevents split ends

Adds Body



 On wet hair:

Apply approximately to 20 cm of hair

Long hair : 10 to 15 Sprays

Medium Hair : 7 to 12 Sprays

Short Hair : 6 to 8 Sprays

Detangle the hair with a comb


On dry hair:

Apply with the palm of your hands

Long hair : 4 to 6 Sprays

Medium Hair : 4 to 5 Sprays

Short Hair : 2 to 3 Sprays

Rub the product between your hands

Apply from the middle of the roots to the ends