BLONDME Bonding Rich mask - All blondes

BLONDME Bonding Rich mask - All blondes

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Schwarzkopf BlondMe Bonding Rich Mask - All blondes targets the internal structure of the hair to strengthen and give back its elasticity. This cream, rich and luxurious, contains a Keratin Restore Bonding formula that will leave your hair smooth and sealed. This product is the perfect weekly pick-me-up for your locks, intensively treating all blondes, regardless of whether your tresses are natural or bleached. Your locks will be left looking smooth and shiny, as well as having a softer and more manageable texture.



Repairs internal structure.

Strengthens hair elasticity.

Enriched with keratin.

Smooths hair.

Hair looks shinier, softer and more manageable.



Apply to your hair

Leave in for 10 minutes

Rinse thoroughly

Use 1-2 times per week