Now is the time to embrace your curls

Whether your natural hair is wavy, curly or coily, now is the time to show off your strands in all their glory.

Meet your curl manifesto

Curl Manifesto is Kérastase’s latest line formulated for wavy, curly and coily strands.  The collection of 7 at-home products are designed to offer curly strands the perfect combination of hydration, definition and strength.  Being the professional brand Kérastase is, the scientific team researched the best curl-loving ingredients.  For optimal results, they have harnessed two potent, active ingredients – precious Manuka Honey and Cementing Ceramide for this professional quality collection with advanced formulation.  Want to treat your curls?  Discover how and why these ingredients are nourishing superstars.

MANUKA HONEY: The benefits

Cementing Ceramide: The benefits

So, what can you expect from these ingredients in the new Curl Manifesto line?  As a results, you get beautiful, healthy and bouncing curls: 87%* stronger and 83%* more hydrated and 81%* more defined with perfect shape and movement.  It’s a game-changing collection for curly hair.

*Instrumental tests after application of Bain Hydration Douceur, Masque Beurre and Refresh Absolu.

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