The post-bleach instant blond care

Its been said it a million times, going blonde is a high-maintenance undertaking. Yet blondes around the world tell us it’s worth it. Going blonde is totally exhilarating, and you can’t get that feeling without some measure of risk.

Except that you can. It’s why Kérastase created their blockbuster blond care range, Blond Absolu, so you can dare to go blonde and have the high-quality hair care you need after that exciting salon visit.

Post-bleach care is absolutely crucial. Going blonde is not something to be taken lightly. It, quite literally, changes your hair. Bleaching actually strips the pigment out of your hair—which is how you get that bright, light look you want. The upshot is the process can seriously weaken and sensitize your strands. Without careful pampering, bleached hair is prone to dryness, damage, breakage and just generally will not look good.

And we can’t have that, can we? In addition to the right shampoo and conditioning treatment, here’s the on other thing you need to do to keep your hair on point in the crucial days after bleaching. A Blonde Care Hair Oil!  Huile Cicaextreme from Blond Absolu.


Like we said, post-bleach, it isn’t enough to simply shampoo and condition. Bleach-weakened hair needs nourishment throughout the day, as well as a shield to protect it from the elements. Huile Cicaextreme is instant, extreme blonde care in a precious concentrated hair oil. Our signature glass bottle holds the key to total post-bleach recovery. Applied on wet or dry hair, Huile Cicaextreme seals the cuticles raised during bleaching and reduces split ends, leaving hair 91% stronger and 6x shinier.




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