Protect your hair & scalp this summer!

Here are four reasons you should protect your hair & scalp like you do your skin this summer!

1 – The  suns rays fade hair color…fast.

You’ll notice a tonal change to your hair color, even if you have virgin hair.  This change happens when the UV rays combine with oxygen causing a reaction in your hair that results in the color fading. 

2 – UV rays make the hair brittle and prone to damage.

In addition to your color fading the oxidative stress weakens your hair. Combine this with summer elements like saltwater and chlorine that weaken the hair’s structure, you get very brittle strands.



3 – The sun dehydrates the hair.

Just like your skin, your hair and scalp can get dehydrated on a hot summers day!

4 – Scalps get sunburned!

Your scalp is skin, and even though its covered in hair UV rays still get through and can cause sun burns.  Wearing a hat is the best protection – however that’s not always possible depending on the outfit…then style the hair in a way that doesn’t expose the scalp, or spray on some sun protection from our collection HERE!

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