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Luxury Hair Care Treatment

Balmain Hair Couture 5 Week Enriching Hair Treatment for regeneration and revitalisation within 5 weeks!

Balmain 5 Week Hair Enriching Treatment for Regeneration & Revitalisation | My Public Beauty

5 Week Hair Enriching Treatment 

Balmain Paris Hair Couture believes that beautifully conditioned hair is the foundation of any head-turning style. Whichever runway inspired spring hair trend you’ll be embracing; from long braids to natural waves to slicked back styles, winter hair needs rest and recuperation if it’s to look its absolute best. 

Brand new to the Balmain Paris Hair Couture collection is a masterpiece of luxury haircare; 5-Week Enriching Hair Treatment. Hair craves moisture during the long winter months and the double whammy of cold outdoor temperatures and dry indoor heat. This high-performance hero of hydration is just the tonic for tired out tresses. The lightweight, versatile lotion based regime rolls back the years and turns lacklustre into luxeness. The treatment contains key active ingredients: Silk Protein and Succinic Acid. Other welcome benefits are that it seals the cuticles, increases body and elasticity, while reconstructing the hair fibre for healthy, seductively shiny strands.

Balmain 5 Week Hair Enriching Treatment for Regeneration & Revitalisation | My Public Beauty

The Magic Ingredient

Scientific analysis shows that Silk Protein and natural proteins found in hair are virtually identical. As luxurious as it sounds, this active ingredient ensures optimal hydration; and contains 17 of the 19 amino acids of natural hair. Silk Protein also delicately reconstructs damaged protein chains resulting in soft, strengthened and revitalized locks. Succinic Acid reinforces the power of Silk Protein, and is a natural ingredient derived from amber stones, that’s deeply penetrating. Succinic Acid helps to deliver the Silk Protein and creates a protective layer around each individual protein chain. The combination of these two super-hero ingredients results in long-lasting reconstruction and youthful radiance.

How To Use

Directions: The ultra-convenient 5 x single-use tube system is designed as a complete service. For optimal results use as a weekly treatment for 5 weeks in place of your preferred Balmain Paris Hair Couture rinse out conditioner. After shampooing apply the lotion generously to hair, spreading from root to tip. Leave on for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. It’s essential to rinse every vestige away. Blot hair dry rather than frantically rubbing and comb through carefully – never brush. Remember that to be truly effective hair care should be a ritual.


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